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Net-Trekking is globetrotting from your couch. Surf the globe, but never leave home. Send out Virtual Net-Trekkers to hitchhike their way around the world for fun, glory, fame and fortune.

Available as an app Net-Trekking allows you to deploy Net-Trekkers anywhere in the world where they can be picked up and taken for tour. While on tour you can map their progress, exchange postcards, exchange travel log entries, ask questions, and discover the wonders of the world around them. At the end of the tour your Net-Trekkers can be dropped off to await their next big adventure.

You too can take Net-Trekkers on tour, simply look for Net-Trekkers in your area, pick them up, and off you go.

Where are your Net-Trekkers today? You never know, your Net-Trekker may have been in London yesterday but today it's in Los Angeles!

Net-Trekking Lite is available from the Apple Store today - FREE!

Net-Trekking Lite is available from the Android Market today - FREE!

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